Are students with good grades successful?

Are students with good grades successful?

Today we are writing on a topic that is highly debatable in the modern world.

It is a popular opinion that students who score well in their academic careers are the most successful students. So, according to this opinion grades and marks are the measure of anyone’s success in life.

But really does this happen?

Do students with good grades, and higher marks are successful? Well, to be honest, but to some extent this criterion and this opinion are true.

According to a report, students with good scores in their graduation assessments are more likely to be inducted by the employer, and they are preferred on those whose marks are not that good. Irrespective of their skills and technical capabilities they have.

Yes, you get it right. The modern employer does look for good grades and prestige of the university they are from while employing fresh graduates.

However, is getting a job a sign of success in life?

Well, maybe.

However, according to another report, 45 percent of the students who get jobs on the basis of their grades are found to be unsuccessful and less productive in their duties.

The reason behind this is often that the students who always score high grades and marks in their academic assessment are those who successfully follow the instruction and guidelines that were provided by their teachers and through this they become successful in their exams.

In other words, we can say that these students like to be directed and they do not make their own way to study and are less innovative in terms of finding new ways of learning.

This trait is integrated into them when they are at work too. They are looking for directions and guidance for every act and every move. So, when they asked to provide suggestions and ideas on how certain work should be done or how certain problem could be solved, they find themselves blank minded.

This makes these high scoring students unsuccessful in their professional lives. The professional world now required personnel who are capable of taking his own decision according to their rank and take responsibility for their acts.

So, we have evaluated here that if a person needs to succeed in the competitive professional world, they need to be responsible and self-directed.

Before, getting ahead we should clear the meaning of responsibility here. Responsibility is the difference between leading and being led.

In today’s world, successful students are those who make their own ways and try to learn things on their own rather than following footprints of anyone else.  Students are needed to plan for themselves that what should be studied? How should be studied? And when should be studied.

The blend of taking responsibility and planning things on their own make the students successful in the longer run. Maybe this student did not achieve higher marks, but he will achieve the art of making decisions and evaluates and rectifies his mistake. This will eventually give him great assistance in the professional world where a person needs to deal with an unusual environment and situation.





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